guillermo carandiniHi! My name is Guillermo Carandini (Barcelona, 1984) and I´m a comic-book author known for his graphic novel “The day of the victory”. It was funded through a crowdfunding project and distributed independently in Spain´s comic stores and comic-book conventions.

I´m licensed by the ESDIP (Madrid) in illustration and graphic design. I have a Masters degree in Creative Writing for TV/Movies from the TAI School of Arts and Entertainment (Madrid)

I work as a Social Media Manager and content creator. I write in several blogs and websites about lifestyle in Barcelonatattoos, soccer and gang culture.

I also directed in 2012 a documentary film about the spanish independent comic-books entitled “What does Underground mean?”. It has been screened at festivals worldwide. It´s available through youtube (with english subtitles) and has accumulated over 15,000 views.

Furthermore you can contact me through g.carandini @

Thank you very much.

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Guillermo Carandini